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What I see mostly is a total lack of understanding just who the government is in the US. The preamble doesn't say, "I the President," nor "We the Congress or the Senate," it says, "We The People" are the government of the united states of America. Simply by miss naming or representatives all is lost. The secound biggest mistake I see very often is a miss understanding of what a Democracy and a Republic is and the difference between the two forms of government. A Democracy is majority rule a Republic is the rule of law. Example: In a Democracy if someone comitts a crime flees and is caught and all vote to hang him he dies. In a Republic all vote to hang this same individual and the sherif comes by says, "You can't hang him he has rights."

Now because this missiderstanding of what America, a Republic, is all is lost. Everyone has been fooled into beliving we are a Democracy when when in fact we are a Republic by the ruling class and I'd be willing to bet more than half of them also belive we are a Democracy. Why is this important, you might be asking? It is important as it goes to the core of how this nation is now falling. Because we nolonger understand just what America is anylonger we are going to lose her. What is being done right now on capital hill is nothing less than treason. If I am in the military and take my company over there and accept payment to defend their interest and order my company to do so promissing to also give them a share in the loot, we would all be tried and shot for treason, but they do it all the time on capital hill and nothing happens to them and they took the same oath of office. That is truly how America is now falling right now thru ignorance.


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I fail to see the difference in your interpretation of the scripture and mine.

Since you asked, yes I do believe government is a great provider. Although I will agree with you in that it is also a representation of the people. Both of these statements are what God intended for the best. But humans fall short quite often. I just don't see that as a reason to throw out the system.

And you never seem to address the concept of sin in other populations. Your posts seem to imply that every tax payer is honorable (oh but exclude them damn rich ones and also those government officials), everyone who served in war is honorable, etc. Do you really think life is that simple? Have you walked a mile in the shoes of those you are condemning?

Investigations are fine. . . just the more you hate the rich I'm sure the more they will hate you, ya know? Learn all you want but perhaps do something positive like pray with the info rather than seethe in judgment and hatred.

If anyone is implying I am condemning them by posting scripture quotes, really I am not. It just rubs me the wrong way to see so much judgment and I like to offer another perspective.

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