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It's probably not fair for me not to address Rick's point about Jesus overturning the money tables. . .

But I'm not looking for an argument either. I'll just state my opinion on it. .

First Jesus did not judge pieces in the cog. He ate with tax collectors and taught to have peace by obeying people in superior positions.

However there were definitely certain times when he taught that god's will and intent was not being honored by certain practices.

I believe the overturning of the tables was the only time he did so in a way that was not productive. (In other instances, he for example, healed on the Sabbath - something productive.)

When Jesus overturned the tables, it was right before his death. I believe his death is / can be (many interpretations to the Bible as it is deep on many levels) a metaphor for spiritual death, or lack of faith.

Jesus is supposed to represent God in human form, so imo Jesus did lose a lot of faith right before his "death." He even asked god right before he died why god had deserted him. If that is not a lack of faith I don't know what is.

So this means, yeah it is human nature to get fed up and at times even act out.

Thank god that Jesus was resurrected and his faith was restored
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