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Originally Posted by nilrehob View Post
I didn't know about Heins coils and magnets.
Do you have any writing on Heins work to share?

Hi Hob,

here's the link to to the OU forum topic, you can read till you drop : Thane Heins Perepiteia.

Originally Posted by cody View Post
Thane Heins is sitting on a golden egg. Although it dosnt involve shorting the coils,

what do you mean he does not short his coils this is how he first found the effect and it is still exactly what he does, however he does not need any specific timing, he just shorts the coils (which are very long windings) and the prime mover will start to accelerate like if there was no drag on the magnets from the steel cores.

To extract power he used a transformer that the primary has next to no resistance (short) and uses the power from the secondary.

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