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Originally Posted by gotoluc View Post
Hi everyone,

I just tested this also and found the same effect as Hob has but the difference in my setup is I have a motor turning the magnets so I can monitor the current draw to see if more work has to go in when the coil is shorted.

Unfortunately even at the most ideal switching position it drew more current. So you have an increase in output but at a cost of more work needed to turn the magnets.
Yes, so it seems, not sure if there even is a net gain.
Anyway, shorting generator coils a cool thing to do if rotation is slow, like a river-generator or something.

Originally Posted by gotoluc View Post
It is an interesting effect and I think it deserves more study. Who knows what would happen at higher RPM and coil length, as I have worked and experimented with Thane Heins on his Perepiteia generator which needs a certain coil length at a certain magnet frequency for the effect to occur.

Thanks Hob for sharing your findings.

I didn't know about Heins coils and magnets.
Do you have any writing on Heins work to share?

Hob Nilre
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