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Originally Posted by yoyo View Post
As in the case of the ‘Wanta’ accounts, the funds that Mr Picard is chasing are in fact ‘Bush Crime Syndicate’ funds
I'm glad you mentioned the Wanta accounts. The Leo Wanta story is no doubt one of the most amazing pieces of information that has ever been told. Basically, what it amounts to is that Leo Wanta is the trustor of accounts totaling more than 27 trillion dollars and belonging to the people of the United States. In contrast, our total national debt is currently about 12 trillion dollars. U.S. National Debt Clock

What's more, the story about Leo Wanta is not just a story. It is fact. President Reagan authorized Leo Wanta as the guardian of these funds, and Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee upheld Wanta's role as trustor in a April 15, 2003 ruling which also directed that Wanta has the authority to go after and secure these funds and return them to the Treasury of the United States. Wanta realizes that any attempt to do this would be thwarted by the Federal Reserve, and will not attempt to return the money to the Treasury until the Federal Reserve is disempowered, which can only happen by abolishment, in which case monetary control would be returned to the Treasury. Certainly we would also need to kick Federal Reserve placements, such as Geithner, out of the Treasury department.

To hear the fascinating story of Leo Wanta in his own words, download the following two mp3 files:
Greg Szymanski - RBN 2006-0323-Thur 1pm Hr1 Leo Wanta: Free MP3 Download

Greg Szymanski - RBN 2006-0323-Thur 1pm Hr2 Leo Wanta: Free MP3 Download

These mp3 files are from a talk radio show broadcast done in March of 2006. They do include advertisement sections, but these can be easily skipped over as each such segment is 3 minutes in duration.

Well worth a listen.


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