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Rosemary Ainslie COP>17 Heater Circuit - TEST #5

Hi everyone,

This is a repeat attempt of the results on TEST #3 with some new data which may surprise everyone but maybe not ...

The Load Prototype "Quantum" 10 ohm resistor was mounted vertical with two (2) size #5-1/2 rubber stoppers inserted in each end, elevated 3" from the desk surface.


Rosemary Ainslie COP>17 Heater Circuit
"Quantum" October 2002

Replication Components -

1) International Rectifier - IRFPG50 HEXFET® Power MOSFET
w/ Sil-Pad insulator between Mosfet and Heat Sink

2) Fairchild Semiconductor - NE555N Timer

3) Vishay Spectrol - SP534 Percision Potentiometer/ 10-turn 2-Watt

4) Exide Technologies Battery "Liquid Lead Acid" Model # GT-H - TRACTOR 12V 12Ah CCA 235

5) CSB Battery Company "Gel Lead Acid" #GP 1270 F2 / 12 Volt 7.0 Ah

6) Prototype "Quantum" Load Resister 10 ohm + - 1%

7) Shunt Resistor - "Dale" RS-2B 0.25 ohm, 3 watt, 3 %

Temperature Measurements -

Fluke 62 "mini" IR Themometer ( used maximum reading on each componenet )

Digital Mulit Meter -

Fluke 87 DMM true RMS

************************************************** *******

Channel 1 - Mosfet source shunt
Channel 2 - Mosfet drain
Channel 3 - 555 Timer pin #3
Channel 4 - 24 VDC "Liquid" Lead Acid Battery Bank


1_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
1_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File

1_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
1_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File
1_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
1_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File


2_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
2_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File

2_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
2_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File
2_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
2_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File


3_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
3_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File

3_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
3_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File
3_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
3_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File


4_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
4_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File

4_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
4_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File
4_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
4_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File


5_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
5_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File

5_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
5_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File
5_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
5_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File


6_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
6_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File

6_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
6_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File
6_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
6_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File


7_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
7_40us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File

7_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
7_20us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File
7_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
7_2us_520V-02_10_11_09 .xlr Spread Sheet File



1us_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
400ns_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File
200ns_520V-02_10_11_09 .png Image File

All Images and data from a Tektronix TDS 3054C from the Tektronix Corporation


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