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i was never very swayed by that fear stuff... it only seems to work on those who could possibly be intimidated by pointless threats. When you view this as it is, its hard to get very scared over it

And we are doing something right here in this forum and many other places... Doing much more than they are happy to see being done... We are putting a great deal of pressure on some who don't like being pressured... Too friggin bad: They are going to disclose on Free Energy and many other things anyway whether they like it or not, because the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD will make them. There are hundreds of millions of us waking up, and only handfuls of them. If i was one of them.... i would be the one scared here, hehehe.

I used to live in a world where "conspiracy" was a word synonymous and nearly always followed with the word "nut" ... That was because this word was deliberately and carefully made out to have these connotations by those who think they can control others through their thoughts, and who make a living at doing so... The idea of turning "conspiracy" in a pejorative based on derision started in the mid 1960's; to try and deflect folks from thinking too hard about the Kennedy Assassination (and Oswald's assassination by Jack Ruby right after it).... and it has gone on ever since. They really started cranking it up after 9/11 though, lol.

But the fact is, when folks get wise to these pathetic little parlor tricks, they really don't do squat... And we are not swayed by mere words and threats of doom. All they can really do to us is to make some suggestions: Which are immediately rejected for what they are.

Because true independence is the independence of thought. And any "revolution" we have is going to be a revolution of thought.. One with no bullets, but with something much more powerful.

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