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The rich don't always get richer

Originally Posted by Ted Ewert View Post
Wealth equates directly to "power". Whether that power is used to maintain independence or peace of mind, it is a direct impediment to the ruling class's plans of complete domination. Therefore, wealth is stolen from us at every opportunity. It's no accident that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Hi Ted,

Thanks for your post. You made some good points. We have all heard the saying, "the rich get richer while the poor get poorer," and this certainly seems to be somewhat true. It seems to fit well with another saying - "it takes money to make money." Most of us, as mere peons in the overall scheme of things, would consider that the "rich" could be broadly defined as being any individuals or families who have a net worth of a million dollars or more. We are exposed to glimpses of such persons every day, in the form of Hollywood stars, recording artists, sports icons, and other celebrities who have practically made their fortunes overnight, and who spend them almost as quickly to live life in the luxury fast lane. It was precisely this group of "rich" people that lost the most through Madoff's ponzi scheme swindle. These rich people, certainly wealthy by our standards, were expecting to become richer through their investments with Madoff, and many of them were talked into investing their entire wealth, which of course was subsequently lost when Madoff's scheme collapsed. This shows, of course, that simply being wealthy does not buy membership into the American Ruling Class, where a code of "honor amongst thieves" exists which will not allow members to scam other members of the powerful elite. The rich and famous people that we are bombarded with on television and in media tabloids are just small fish to the power elite sharks who have amassed obscene fortunes, and who either own or control every facet of our lives. You are right, Ted, in saying that these power hungry slave masters will not be willing to give up their stranglehold control over energy, as that is no doubt their greatest asset. Historically, control of energy assets could be likened to a perpetual motion machine of which the input is sucking in vast amounts of humanity's dispersed wealth, and the output is a constantly converging stream of unimaginable wealth that is funneled and directed into the hands and pockets of a relatively small number of people in this world who hold the actual purse strings. It is going to be very tough to develop and deploy affordable free energy devices to the masses, but it is something we must continue to strive to do, and success in that endeavor is no doubt one of the strongest weapons that we can hope to bring to bear against those who have for so long suppressed and oppressed us.

Best to all,


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