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People are slowly waking up. I knew a lot of this back in the early 70's. There are about 300 power brokers in the world. Power can easily corrupt and to the point of murder if you get in their way of there losing large sums of money. This includes world leaders. They are fairly subject to money and their agents of influence. I have been at odds against Corporations and Multinational Corporations for years. Ive watched them lie and use loophole tactics to cheat you out of money. At&t and Oil just being two of them. Ive seen people cheated out of their patents. Ive watched mom & pop businesses fold by the multitudes the past 40 years or so. Do you think Bill Gates became a Multi Billionaire by fair pricing or good business practices. Look who ran the Governments Sec and what happened. Until we wrestle back our control over governments it will not change. In my opinion there are too many high class mobsters running the world.
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