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The ruling class seeks to keep the majority of citizens in a state of crisis as a control mechanism. Ruinous taxation, high energy costs, job losses and investment scandals all add to maintaining a high level of anxiety and a low standard of living. This is the real terrorism stalking us.
People are easily manipulated when they're terrorized and think they need someone else to solve their problems for them. The ruling elite are only too happy to oblige.
Free energy would throw a large wrench into the gears of this weapon of mass deception. It would raise everyones standard of living significantly. Do you think this is going to be allowed?
We all pay a large percentage of our income towards energy costs, both directly and indirectly. It's nothing more than a hidden tax which is specifically designed to rob us of our wealth.
Wealth equates directly to "power". Whether that power is used to maintain independence or peace of mind, it is a direct impediment to the ruling class's plans of complete domination. Therefore, wealth is stolen from us at every opportunity. It's no accident that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
As difficult as it is to create COP >1, the real battle will begin once that information starts to become utilized. The ruling class ********s aren't going to let it slide.

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