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Interesting for me, that the German Bank is involved at it,
because i live there. But seriously, you as a Citizen in this Land have no Control over the Politicans her Politic, or the Banks,
supposing, like everywhere.
Germany is still under the Control from the 4 victorous power and the EU, we still got only a peace treaty, Germany itself dont exist!, because one from our smart Politicans H. Kohl, did dissolve the BRD as we should be united with Ex-DDR.
This is a well-protected secret, what the Mediums dont spread.
Peoples here are most time pretty powerless, when they wanna have Changes.
Actually, they do what they want, Laws get waved through at 23.12, when the half of the Politicans are not at Work,
or they just pass resolutions, and noone can do anything.
We got a solidarity tax since we became united with East-Germany,
where they said, 'its just for one year'. Now, 15 Years has passed, and its still there, even, that there is no sense for it anymore.
At the latest Bank crash, we did sponsor the Banks with Billions, but theyr Manager still get her annual Provisions, and dont care about, where it do comes from.

At an other Forum, someone started a similar Posts, where all the Patents left from 19xx.
Someone wrote, that most of them been declared as state secrets, and been confiscated after the WW.
All Material, what been used at this Time been changed, that they dont work,
as they do in theyr nature form.
All you can do, is read the Patents, what are allready 'overhauled' and changed,
do get the Basic Knowledge, and see, if you can make something to work.

It's a Trick, We Always Use It
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.

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