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I mentioned the following in another thread before but I'll say it again.
This is the information that should lead one to removing themselves completely from under the influence of any bank.

That means No PayPal, No debit cards, No credit cards, No loans, If possible No gasoline, coal, Or oil based products. Personal energy production. Barder based trade instead of cash payments. Barder is not taxed, in America anyway. And research the ownership of companies you do do business with. Buying from someone who is in debt extremely to a bank is also contributing.
List goes on... to food production and storage, health care, Auto coverage, Homeowner insurance. Most of these can be replaced with Bond, depending on where you live.

It the only power one person has against these people. If there are enough they loose. Slowly but surely.

There is no other way. The politicians won't do it as general assembly at a federal level. A revolution isn't possible do to the fear most have of over throwing and restarting a government, or just fighting in general.
A small group of people at a local level could do quite a bit if greed didn't corrupt.

You gotta remember, we let it get to this point, by not being educated overall, Not being reactive and hostile enough towards our leadership.
If we beat one in public everynow and then they would still be working for us.


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