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The American Ruling Class

The American Ruling Class
I don't watch very much TV, but sometimes there is a show scheduled with a topic that interests me. Tonight was such an occasion. A documentary titled The American Ruling Class aired on LINK TV. LINK TV is an alternative media station that presents topics and viewpoints you would never expect to see on a MSM station. It is fully funded by viewer donations, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that a woman from the town where I live pledged funds of up to $100,000 to match viewer donations to LINK TV. This documentary was particularly interesting in that well known people within the ruling class (basically people who earn more than $500,000 annually and who are in positions of power and influence) were interviewed and often revealed the truth about the wealthy ruling class through what they said. In one scene, a young man visits the office of a hedge fund manager who logs into the Bloomberg information website on his computer and pulls up information showing who the actual owners of General Electric really are. It is a list of several well known banks and Investment firms, including JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank. I'm not at all surprised by that, but I think many others would be. General Electric Company is well known by most people for their electric home appliance products, but they are actually a multinational corporation that is involved in manufacture of a multitude of products including jet engines and atomic generators. They are also one of the largest patent holders worldwide, and are probably only second to General Motors in the number of suppressed technology patents held. As the documentary goes on to point out, big money owns everything, and there are just a handful of people in the world who control these major banks and investment firms. Anything they don't already own can be bought, including the presidency. Presidents and administrations come and go, but the big money bankers and investment firms never go away. They are always there, hiding behind a corporate fascade. Anyone visiting the Deutsche Bank website and believing what is presented there, would think that they are the world's greatest benefactor. Deutsche Bank, of course, has been involved in several big scandals, one of which involved insider trading that placed massive pre-911 put options (bets that stock prices would fall) on stocks of companies that stood to be affected most by 911 incidents. The majority of put options on United Aitlines stock was handled by the Alex Brown Inc firm, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank. Was anyone ever charged in relation to those activities? I don't think so, and that just shows how powerful they are. Quite interestingly, Buzzy Krongard, who headed the Alex Brown firm until 1998, was the Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency at the time of the 911 incidents. It is now known that he also has served as a consultant and advisory board member of Blackwater USA, the New World Orderís leading intelligence-related corporate mercenary death squad now under investigation for war crimes, murder, arms smuggling, and fraud in Iraq. Also very interesting is the fact that Buzzy's brother, Howard Krongard, served as the State Department's Inspector General, a post that he used to stonewall and quash attempts to investigate Blackwater. And the deeper you dig, the more dirt comes out. The Bush family accounts were largely handled by Alex Brown Inc, and Deutsche Bank handled the accounts of the Bin Laden group, and also an account for Pakistan's ISI (intelligence agency) leader Imtiaz, who was arrested and convicted for keeping tens of millions of dollars from heroin smuggling activities in his Deutsche Bank account. As for J.P Morgan, you may remember that they received 30 billion dollars in TARP funds for agreeing to buy out failing Bear Stearns for 29 billion. Stearns was failing because they held some bad assets, however they also held many good assets. J.P. Morgan became the owner of those good assets, valued at more than the Stearns buyout, and never paid a penny for them. We did! We, the American taxpayers. I tell you, the stench is getting so bad that I feel like I am going to pass out from holding my breath. The worst part is that I know this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Just a tale of two corporations from the top of a barrel of rotten apples. I am sure that others here also have similar stories they would like to share.

You can see segments of The American Ruling Class documentary on YouTube:
YouTube - The American Ruling Class Trailer

YouTube - (2005) - The American Ruling Class - 1998 - Jobs with No Security - suffering, starvation, death

YouTube - Empire Falls from The American Ruling Class!


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