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From main stream to quantum

I was wondering if that was what was happening. Thankyou for the explanation. This is the first time I'm thinking of Aether, and subconsious, and all the paranormal, esps, that go with it. Can't say I'm not just a little bit freaked.
I would not have bought a paths modual, if the WORLD ONE theater did not seem to effect me, in an up beat manner. In the last week and a half I've notice possitive tendensies, and more recently negative tendencies, which the moduals will eventualy turn positive again. So I'm still being effected.
Now is this by the either, or due to the visual and auditory information from the modual. I'm easyer believing , visual and auditory.
On the otherhand, since joining Paths, ( almost a month now ) I also joined Energetic Forum, and the amazing world you people live in. There seems to be co-obrating evidence, in the way of remote viewing and ME. I'm alone, so RV seems impracticle. I just notice ME this morning, and will study that to see if I can try to learn it without the need for a partner. I'd like to believe, but my entire lifes lessons say this is a fantasy.
Either way, the moduals are effecting me. In a month and a half I hope to state emphaticaly that the effects are possitive.

Andrew T.
I wish I could turn myself into a ball of energy and roam the universe. Returning home in time for breakfast.
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