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The answer to most questions asked about PATHS is: More Spirulina!

Really! If you are feeling tired, unhappy or you just aren't feeling anything, you probably aren't taking enough spirulina.

Spirulina to your brain while using PATHS is like high-octane gas at the NASCAR races. Meaning, the neurotransmitters in your brain need extra boost to process all of the new instructions you receive through watching your Theater Presentation. Without this extra boost, your brain will be on overload and you will feel the effects.

While Optimum Spirulina intake differs from person to person, generally between 2000 - 6000 mg's is sufficient.

If you find yourself feeling run down at all, increase your supplementation. Some people take as much as 9000 mg a day! And remember that since Spirulina is just a food, you do not have to worry about taking too much.

You can find spirulina at most health and vitamin stores.
Health and Happiness!

Jane Lilly
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