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Originally Posted by Tecstatic View Post

Have you tried to connect the feedback coil to battery minus instead of plus, replacing the 10 nF with a diode, arrow points towards transistor base.

And finally add a pot between the base and battery plus.

Until you have it tuned and running OK, insert a resistor at battery plus, to limit the current within the transistor safe operating range.

Hi Eric, thanks for the input here. The point of the 10nf cap is to be able to choose a frequency to run at and to be able to tune the circuit with the pot.

I was able to get the circuit running with a 6v input and a 330v output AC and with a bridge rectifier 500v+.

I have now changed the circuit in the form of a polyphasing transformer using 4 coils so as to be able to increase the amperage on the output. First trials are encouraging, lower voltage but higher amps. When I have it how I want it, I will post the circuit.

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