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Originally Posted by argonian1 View Post
I call induced voltage through magnetic switch. The mV range is also an argument for that.

"Space Time Energy Absorption Pump" ???? what does this have to do with space time?
If you first run the switch (relay) and measure the induced voltage, IF ANY, then this is subtracted from the results, NO ARGUEMENT on the results.

Space Time:- this is MY look at what is happening, during the off period, which is the timing, or time, energy is extracted from "where" some space, something you can not see, the air around you, the space around you, a black whole, people call it all sorts of things, for me for now, SPACE, now do you see the relation. Absorption, because it is absorbed into the circuit, and how is it absorbed, it is pumped in by the switching on and off of the circuit, like a piston, up and down, off and on, it is an AC current, sine wave.

Now do you see the relation.

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