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I have just checked in here for the first time in I don't know how long and I see that I have missed the past several posts!!! HOLY MOLY!!!

Okay...where to start?

Frederick...You bless us with your beautiful pics! Each one of them makes me sigh and leaves me wanting MORE! Please, Frederick? I so much love sighing, so I will love it if you shared more of your exquisite work with us!

Alsy...Oh...when I read your post, tears filled my eyes... That my painting evoked within you the aesthetic response that you have described leaves me breathless as well as speechless. You honor me greatly with your thoughts and I am filled with gratitude for your post. Thank You from the very bottom of my heart.

My Darling Christina...I Love You So Much!

And Cassiopeias...Oh, my Dear...I cannot tell you how astonished I was to pop in here after so long and see your beautiful paintings and I hope you will forgive me for not responding sooner. You have graced my thread by posting these magnificent paintings and I am sending you much love and light so that you can overcome your feelings of fear in creating more paintings as the days unfold. Thank you so very much for sharing these 2 wonderful paintings...There is a very delicious energy and rhythm to your work, as well as an obvious inherent talent that is deeply moving and very enchanting, so I suspect that when you do begin to tap into that magical place within you once again, you will probably surprise yourself with utter delight at what comes through! While I am very moved by "Consort to the Sun", which really depicts that energy I spoke of, I am absolutely IN LOVE with "Autumn Fairy"! This one also has that similar sense of energy and rhythm, but there is something about the look on her face that captivates me...That look is seductive, yet innocent at the same time and this is also true of her pose. Her feminine roundness is exquisite and the colors you have used greatly enhance the evocative feeling of the entire composition. Well Done, You!!! Please share with us when you do get back to that place of inspired creativity, my friend... You have a marvelous gift that should be shared with the world, and I will be so deeply grateful to witness it!

With Much Love, Gratitude & Gentle Blessings to All,

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