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smoke signals

Originally Posted by quantumuppercut View Post
We're all afraid running out of water here in California.
I like the base to emitter capacitor set up for its own oscillation. I've first see the idea in the SEC, but never tried it. That means we can control the switching frequency? nice
The bd139 blew its tiny little top off and sent me smoke signals, tried a bc109 and it did work but the 10k pot is too big, need a 1k and I do not have one here apart that the bc109 will not stand up to the frequency, very iratic switching, need something strong, how about a mosfet? I have an IRFP054N, have to look up its data.

Did get the bc109 to oscillate but would not switch clean, gave me 19v on a pickup coil, from a 4.8v input from 4 nicads. Feed back to charge the nicads has to be capacitive if we are to get a self runner.

I'll ship you over some water if you like the rain has been coming down in buckets, 200lt a square meter on secound thought no, it has just stopped, we might need it the first rain we have had since May, oh well it's filled the pool up

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