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on the right track

Originally Posted by quantumuppercut View Post

I was thinking for the last few days about on how to show this effect. I finally remember something similar to this I came accross more than a year ago when building my tesla coil. So if I don't apologize to you, I would have an ego problem, and we don't need anymore of those . Thanks witsend for your example on I'm not worthy.

I'm sorry for concluding the effect too soon rather than looking for other alternate experimenting methods.

In my drawing from memory, the switching is done by the transistor. This eliminate the effect of unwanted magnetic field. The sourse of switching power comes from the secondary coil itself. Of this, I achieved about +/- 60mV DC. My electrical friend told me that is too little to do anything, I told him he has no taste for energy art. In short, the energy is always presented inside the coil, weather it is in resonance or not. Imagine if the coil is build to resonate with say sunlight frequency, then it is in resonance. The best switching method for this type would be a transistor. I know you have alot of ideas, we're ready to get rich for you.


EDIT: woops, the pix
Yes this is the idea. But as I have often stated, you always have to put energy in to start the circuit. Now my idea is to use rechargable batteries and if and when the circuit is running the batteries get recharged at the same time. A touch of GRAY in this, that is the goal.

Working on a circuit at the moment, prefer solid state, but a vibrating relay could be used, any ideas?

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