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Originally Posted by poii View Post
I was reading your MF model and on p.15 you say: "It is proposed that speed and size are relative velocity replaced by mass and mass by velocity" , and was reminded of Larson's Reciprocal Theory of the Universe. Are you familiar with it?
Hello Poii,
I've not heard of Larson and looked up the link. Actually can't really understand it. I think I'd need to read from the beginning. Is the whole of his book available on the internet. And if so, please help me by giving me the whole link. Not sure how to do this myself. I'm a computer illiterate.

To be quite frank I'd forgotten about this thread. I use it whenever I need to indulge in my obscure thoughts. Glad you like the prose. I'm a great lover of language but suspect my own style is too turgid. I'd be really interested to know if you could understand it? Especially as this relates to broken symmetry. A friend has kindly agreed to give a simple rendition in a series of videos and am wondering if this might help? I'd be interested to see what you think here - and which points remain 'as dark as midnight'.

If you're up for it.