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speed and size are relative

I was reading your MF model and on p.15 you say: "It is proposed that speed and size are relative velocity replaced by mass and mass by velocity" , and was reminded of Larson's Reciprocal Theory of the Universe. Are you familiar with it?

He starts with unit space progressing in unit time (s/t=c) in three dimensions, oscillates one dimension to get a photon and then adds rotational velocity, energy, e=mc2, in the other dimensions to get particles and atoms.
Whereas the natural progression is away from all other points in space, ( think balloon, galactic recession) the internal rotation is towards all other points in space (tennis ball rolling backwards on a conveyor belt, gravity).

New Light on Space and Time by DEWEY B. LARSON

New Light on Space and Time: Chapter VII

found at

Dewey B. Larson

I love reading your prose, its so...
poetic and straightforward.