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Originally Posted by rhozzi View Post
What do these orgonite devices do for each person personally? I built a few over the years and I used magnetite to charge water (I was told it could renew hair color and it never happened). Just curious about other people's experiences.
I've seen it rain a lot more often where I'm at. It is said that orgonite can affect the weather. Cloud busters and chem-busters have the strongest effect in this area but their is no reason to think that tower busters and holy hand grenade won't have a weaker but similar effect. In fact, I know that the little tower busters, which are used to neutralize cell phone and other RF transmission towers are also thrown into polluted water,land fills and other types of polluted areas to help purify and clean up the area.
I've had my orgonites eliminate poltergeists. My cousin currently lives in a room where my Dad died a couple of years ago. One day, my cousin Chris asked me if they're any ghost in the house. I've seen a couple of things to make me believe that there are so I asked him what happened.
You know when you're laying on the bed and someone sits down on the edge you can feel the mattress give because of the weight? Well one day Chris was laying on his bed and he said he felt someone heavy sit on the bed and when he opened his eyes and looked no one was there. The same thing happened to his girlfriend when she was laying in there one day. I told him about the properties of orgonite and how they dissipate negative energy and protect the environment. He took a bunch of my orgonites and put them all over his room. He hasn't had anything like that happen since.

Water magnetizers are interesting. From what I understand you have to create a vortex and spin the water through a set of powerful magnets. I'm not sure what you did with the magnetite but here is some information on how to magnetize water.
YouTube - Water For Life (Bright Ideas)
YouTube - Twin Vortex Living Water Machine
YouTube - Extraordinary Nature of Water - Callum Coats Pt 1
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