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i have read this thread,
and what stuck out the most for me with LOA is acceptance and letting go, but after reading this thread
I focused on being grateful cuz i already have it...and could feel intense emotion doing this....and then i find that my head interupts and negative self talk...and sabatoging i am confused, cuz i have noticed many syncronicities and many questions answered when i would tink of something and then it would go....and next thing i know the object will show up or the opportunity is presented, or i get the answer....whatever, but is seems like with opportunities they are there then out of reach....

I feel frustrated about this, cuz it's some great stuff too
Money, Business, Friendships.....
I have started on slp3 today, so maybe that will help...
i am right there and it seems things slip right through my fingers......insight Please
i grasp the concept, yet the HOW seems to baffle me.

thanks ...Adrienne
I can relate to your grrrrrrrr, Aime
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