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You Tell Me ??

Hi everyone,

Well after watching my scope and DMM for hours now with the same results I am extremely pleased to show everyone the results from the last changes I made to the "Ainslie-Murakami Negative Dominant Waveform Generator" ....

1) Adding a insulator between the Mosfet and the Heat Sink eliminating the antenna effect

2) A new "Liquid" lead Acid battery
Exide Technologies Model # GT-H
25 Reserve Capacity Minutes at 25 Amps
Cold Cranking Amps 235
12 Volt
Unit: each
Unit Weight: 15.0000 lbs
UPC Code: 017724265936

And the results are in ......

Starting voltage after purchase at store 2:30 pm PDT 12.67 volts, Start test after Mosfet Insulation between heat sink 7:30pm PDT 12.67 volts ........ Right Now 1:30 am PDT 12.69 volts after 6 HOURS ....... .02 volt increase above voltage at time of purchase ......