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about the Timer,
i played today again a bit around with 2 Coils around a Torroidcore, had the Coils connected like this.
-> 12V/0,20Ah Plus at both Coils.
Same Plus -> Diode - 2 timer.
2 Coils switched with 2x 2n3055, each Base triggered from one of the Timers, and 10W Pot before Minus.
I put my Scope at both C- Pins from the Tranistors, and got the same frequency there, no matter, wich Timer i did adjust.
I promise. that classical View stinks, because i think, its more with the Minus controlled and triggered, as with the Timer itself.

A other Thing did show, as i measured the max Frequency of a Timer, running it without a load, and it was max at 160 khz. When i did connect the Load with the Mosfet, i could get 190 khz, so its not only the Timer, seems.
You 'could' maybe say, the backspikes mess something around in there, that some Energie left in there, but i think, its not only the Timer, what cause this behaviour.

Fuzzytomcat, btw, with the bumbler, i meant noone from this Forum here,
but, you-know-whom, with his oh soo smart comments.
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