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Originally Posted by witsend View Post
Hi Fuzzy. Yes we did use a heat sink. Hope that helps.

EDIT by the way - I saw that link earlier. What do you think? Jibbguy thinks it's another example intended to sucker us into believing it with the actual intention to point out that we're idiots to believe he claimed overunity. Not sure of the energies involved and he's not telling. Typical.
That video has no intention of supporting OU. Tesla's coils like the one shown have been rigorously tested and shown to work inside of the conservation laws - TK knows this and that is why he is trying his misdirection here.

For a better demonstration let's compare a 40W fluorescent lamp to a 7.2W plasma ball:

YouTube - Physics Plasma Ball lighting up fluorescent tube

Now, the important thing to note here is that the plasma ball doesn't diminish in function while doing the 'work' on the lamp. Is there a full 40W being shown? The lumens appear comparable, but it is doubtful that the energy is really happening in that way. How would we test it to be sure?