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Actually having read it I can't answer any of these points. I thought protons were stable? That they couldn't decay. But I'm definitely aware of the neutron decay - with a short life time. But generally 15 minutes in the life of these little numbers is considered long. I think when they're in the atom they're relatively stable though.

I actually don't know enough about Tesla's theories. I only know of his experiments. But you're right. He'd hardly be such an ace experimentalist if he wasn't also a theorist of sorts. Can you oblige us with some links - or some explanation? Links would probably be quicker.

What is of interest is that Wiki goes to some length to explain that free floating 'protons' are available in battery acid and that they're responsible for conducting the 'free floating electrons' through the battery. But I can't buy into this at all. But I think you're in good company in proposing this or some variation of this. It's just all outside my own ideas it's hard for me to get my head around them.

By the way, an electron neutrino is another unstable particle. Not sure of it's life span. Did Tesla need something that effectively behaved like a virtual particle?

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