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Now,let me evolve my little concept and we could start searching for scientific papers according to it (but I think that will be hard task).
That idea stuck at me today.
When electrons is stopped in vacuum X-rays are produced.So what would be PRODUCED if proton could be stopped abruptly ?

Could it be that waves Tesla observed ?

Anode rays are rather not so deeply investigated, yet they were by Crookes , friend of Tesla.
Power switch I assume in Tesla times were placed somewhere near positive terminal of DC generator.On switch closure ,might it be protons released from wire , why not ? William Crookes and others proved they exists.I know that proton is heavier then electron but relative closeness of positive terminals may in fact release them faster then electrons could be pushed away from switch contacts by magnetic wave which seems to be the reason for electric flow.

Now check this : Proton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"However, protons are known to transform into neutrons through the process of electron capture. "When a high energy-proton collides with an atom, it causes the ejection of an electron from the outer layer of the atom."[6]:125 This process does not occur spontaneously but only when energy is supplied. (...)
νe is an electron neutrino

The process is reversible: neutrons can convert back to protons through beta decay, a common form of radioactive decay. In fact, a free neutron decays this way with a mean lifetime of about 15 minutes."

(cannot paste equation)

Can "ve electron neutrino" be the small positive charged corpuscle mentioned by Tesla ?