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topangler, the ratios of Oxygen to Hydrogen (and Oxygen to petrol/ gasoline) start on page twelve of the link i gave previously. Just so as not to confuse you or anyone else, i am referring to this link;

I first thought you were going to use pure hydrogen. In your last reply you mentioned exhaust fumes, and that leads me to think you might be doing the more common supplement of Petrol/ Gasoline with HHO.
I do not know how things work out in terms of speeds when there are a mixture of fuels.
To help you in your calculations, i would like to remind you of a few things;
-1/3 of HHO is Oxygen.
-Air contains close to 20% oxygen.
-Each car may differ in the exhaust valve closing angle. What that means for an Internal Combustion Engine (different for Diesel), is that even if you completely open the air intake, there is a limit to how much oxygen you can get in there. In practice, i do not know if that is a problem or not.
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