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Originally Posted by tutanka View Post
N2O isn't created inside gas processor but inside injector.. Inside gas processor you create only NITROGEN ATOMIC WITHOUT OXYGEN an send to injector. Nitrogen atomic is use as catalyzed when mixed with water mist. About N+O+HV=N2O is the same reverse reaction of N2O+HV=O+N2 and how you can see N2O is obtain when NO pass trought HV field of injector. You are focalized only on oxygen but is nitrogen atomic responsible of split water and creation of N2O for thermal explosive energy. Not all is written on patents..
Make your own thread and stop trying to run mine, no one reading this gives a **** of your thoughts on this. The injectors work to break the bonds of the water molecule the way I said they work by way of capacitance and the phase diagram of water. Nitrogen combines with Oxygen to form N2O as I have already shown. Right now you and your friend are enemies of the water for fuel revolution, with you great concern for NOS systems you need the gasoline systems in place right now to keep up and running.

Why keep pestering the energy revolution in this thread? I have already shown in great detail if you care to read SM's work that Nitrogen is not a player in gmt. The gas gun has no processed air running through it only hydrogen and oxygen. The rocket retrofits have no Nitrogen in the system what so ever.

What you need to do right now is Apologize to all you have tried to misslead for not doing your homework before coming off as if you had some well throught out theory that was worth something, and truned out to be worthless. You wouldn't give any numbers for anyone to work with and that made me have to go in and do the numbers for you, but hell will freeze over first before I show you the numbers I came up with.

You need to Apologize! but I know you wont for it's not in your charictor, but please make your own thread and leave this one, for you are not welcome here anymore. If I could block you from reading it I would. So do us all a favor and make your own thread and stop trying to tell me I am wrong at every corner. So Apologize to the group and start your own thread. And I Apologize to you for treating you in such a manor, but since you only know how to attack what choice did you leave me? This technology is ment to free humanity and that is bigger than you or me.

I put my best foot forwards here and you spit in my face as if I am trying to misslead everyone into a world run by the current energy sellers of the world as if I am on their payrole. So please, Apologize to the group and make your own thread.

I Apologize to the group if I offended anyone with my actions and/or words in this post.


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