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Originally Posted by witsend View Post
Boguslaw - I'm sure it's fine. We're waiting for Aaron's test to be run so I can't see an objection. Love to hear the concept.
Thank you.So,here it is.

I have been wondering for a long time why we don't see any electrical effects on metallic conductors caused by Earth rotation in it's own magnetic field.
I knew that Nikola Tesla also investigated that problem.
I think that the most important question to answer is : is Earth magnetic field rotating in the same speed as Earth rotates ?
However no matter if Earth magnetic field rotates or not ,we can't see (fortunately) any large current in our small sized electrical devices.
It's due to frame reference point of view - we are moving with the Earth at the same speed in the same direction.And it seems that it's enough to be in Earth gravitation field area to be in the same frame reference,so we cannot see any electrical events when flying in the plane.The few electrical effects however occur in nature : Aurora Borealis,lightning,St.Elmo's fire.They are known but sometimes caused extraordinary accidents...
Ok,but back to the theory.

I believe that all our electrical circuits powered by oscillating currents are not working in vacuum. They are working inside a big , locally weak Earth magnet.When they oscillate, Earth magnetic field also oscillate, but that oscillation do not add any energy to our circuit EXCEPT of few moments.
In fact it mostly help dissipate energy by generation of EM waves, RF or heat or light whatever frequency circuit is working with.It is all because our circuits are relatively slow in generating and decaying magnetic field around.
Earth magnetic field accommodate to small magnet which is put inside it, and small magnet around circuit is slowly orientating in Earth magnetic field.Because Earth magnetic field locally is weak we can't see any measurable effects.
However sometimes we are able to produce magnetic field and immediately after that we withdraw it, MUCH faster then Earth field can fill that space again.We are creating magnetic bubble - a place of different "magnetic pressure", then by very various methods we left it alone without powering it.So far so good, but the same way gas bubbles in mineralized water do not generate excess heat just being produced or collapsed.

Let's now suppose that Earth magnetic field is really rotating with Earth with the same huge speed.We have now situation similar to cavitation in liquid when bubble collapse generate shock wave.
Theoretically it's all because of INERTIA. Earth magnetic field is weak but have total energy huge, that total energy has momentum if moving and cannot be stopped immediately.

The effect obviously need one important factor : circuit must produce such magnetic field which opposes Earth magnetic field or by another way create a magnetic bubble - a spherical area of nullified magnetic field, then it must stop powering it, not just slowly decay energy flow which sustain it , but really STOP as fast as possible.
For example a DC generator example when is switched on.The accumulation of electrons which tend to free moving on air (between contacts of switch) but stuck on conductor surface generate big magnetic bubble but once all electrons are set up to propagate current that bubble is no more powered and collapse.
The character of such shock wave I imagine to be as follows: Earth magnetic field is filling that magnetic bubble with inertia causing it to not stop at the centre but accumulate.Then oscillation begin because center accumulation is acting against the still flowing inside field. In fact it can be seen like a small heart beating and enlarging it's area on each pulse, each pulse being slower.The effect around it is like two waves (scalar waves or sound like waves) - one is flowing outside and one is flowing inside .

Sharp gradient seems not to be the easiest way to generate this effect. The easiest way would be to almost entirely drop interest on electrical features of circuits and pay more attention to WHAT IS GOING AROUND the circuit.
For example imagine a circuit which generate such magnetic bubble but then cut power to it but rather slowly, however before it does it , just create opposite magnetic field which effectively nullify the bubble much much faster that possible with any mosfet.Hmm... isn't that all those special coils with bifillar windings ? There is much more to investigate but MCT explains why Tesla used short DC pulses.In theory of course ....
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