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Hard learned lessons are never forgotten !!!

Sorry to hear yet another of us having to learn the hard way. Unfortunately there will be many more due to all the bad advise being posted on the net.
Over 30 years ago I went through 3 big block 454 engines in one summer learning the hard way and that was without the internet to blame.

As Tron pointed out timing is a must as well as valve overlap and many other issues so many fail to realize and will also learn the hard way.

Not to discourage your effort however there is much more information you will need to really understand the problems using hydrogen in most all stock ICEís. If you ever watch a drag car run, then you have seen what happens to hydrogen. Watch the headers of a dragster and you will see a yellow flame and as the rpm builds there is a white flame and a popping sound, this is the hydrogen igniting upon contact with oxygen in the air as it leaves the engine. This hydrogen is a by-product from burning Alky/nito mix. Through the years by studying are failures and examining the damaged components much has been learned. NASA and other well-known laboratories have documented the effects Hydrogen has on metal alloys. If you are concerned about the longevity of your engine then please do more research. To this day Iím unaware of any verifiable reports of any stock engine lasting as long with Hydrogen as without hydrogen. However GM with the new LS9 that is in the new ZR1 Corvette may have a chance. Other automakers are now starting to use Titanium, Ceramic, Hard Chrome; a few other tricked out components that GM is using. For example the LS9 has a blower on top that really helps in compressing the hydrogen for better disbursement and even flow into the combustion chamber.

Donít give up, you just need a little more research.

With a more detailed description of your Hydrogen cell and make and model of your engine some simple tips may helpful. There are far to many BAD designs and BAD adevise on the Internet and TOOOO many variables in engine designs to give much help at this point. What works for one setup will not be the same for another make or model when tuning for performance.

Later Rectifed
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