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woooooooow.... i just noticed that my title is a "senior member" now ... feels sooo good .. do i need to wear a suite now and talk in a certain tone of voice and give everyone attitude ? (just kidding )

one little point i need to clarify here Aaron ... now, how can we keep the balance of ... the obsession + the time compressed energy we exert into our desired subject & the "feeling happy without it" as was explained earlier when talking about the LOA ... ???

coz i remember our previous explanations of the whole thing ..and how we kept stressing on the point of .. living your life happily and knowing you are sooo happy and satisfied without it and it will come rushing into ur life (provided you've done your homework on the DEVISE part) .... do you get what i mean ?? i'd appreciate it if you can advise us here

All my Love & Gratitude .. Lama
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