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In my book the casimir effect is the proof of these fields around atoms and binding amalgams. Very broadly - there's the atom and its energy levels and its electrons trapped in those energy levels. Then extraneous to the atom are these magnetic fields. Like all magnetic fields they comprise zipons - have a justification - and they interact with each other to find their optimum 'rest' condition. That rest condition corresponds to the 'best charge balance' of themselves and therefore of the atoms that they 'marry' so to speak. This means that they find the 'crystalline' structures of atoms and molecules in amalgams - as this is also mathematically the most balanced distribution of charge. In effect the overriding and immutable requirment of all magnetic fields is to find the condition of zero net charge - or as close as possible. But in essense - all they are are magnetic fields - isolated from a larger field and they 'bind' amalgams together.

So. My analogy is this. Take two tennis balls. Fill the one with stones. Put only a few smaller stones in the second - just enough to circumvent the 'bounce'. Then drop both balls simultaneously from the same height. They land together. But the one is easier to lift than the other. My explanation. The interaction of the balls through the magnetic fields of the earth is a superficial interaction only. The model describes this as a 90 degree push away from the fields to the centre of the field. But that's just the first movement and describes the directional progress of the balls. The Earth's magnetic fields interact with the zipons on the surface structure of the balls only. The 90 degree push is to the centre of the field. And the centre of the field is also the surface of the Earth.

On landing the casimir effect kicks in. Now the balls with most rocks in it has most mass. Most mass has most atoms. Most atoms has most atomically extraneous magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are plastic and move towards a bigger field to find a generalised 'rest state'. Not out of the structure of the amalgam. Just a generalised attraction. The bigger field is the sum of all the magnetic fields that comprise Earth's matter. These little fields 'attach' the entire amalgam to that bigger field. This is experienced as weight.

In as much as zipons attach all atoms in gross amalgams, then the casimir effect is writ as large as the earth itself. That's a pretty substantial source of energy.

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