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Thumbs up Thank You, Dear Aaron.

Thank You, Dear Aaron, for this post...

Your DeVisE method of Manifestation/Attraction intrigued me greatly when I read it for the first time so many months ago and I immediately put into practice the steps described and now practice these steps on an almost daily basis...

It has been an Amazing Ride since then and my life has changed profoundly as I witness the desires that I visualize and emotionalize come to fruition in my "present reality".

Without going into the long story about all the deliciousness (is that a word? ) that has occurred, in the last months, let me just say that I believe that the part of this process that is MOST IMPORTANT is to FEEL the Gratitude that comes with knowing and that all that is desired is "Already Here".

I know that this "knowing and feeling" with great emotion that what I desire is HERE NOW is not an easy place to reach due to subconscious blocks and resistance, but I also know that the PATHS modules that I have been experiencing for the past several months have caused me to reach this delightful place of "knowing" and all that unfolds each day continues to cause me wonder and joy.

So now, when I practice these three steps in your Precious DeVisE method, the visualizations are more detailed and the emotions are more acute, and the manifestations of my desires are arriving into my "present reality" with astonishing speed.

So...Thank you, Darling Aaron, for posting this today... I hope that all who look to this will find a way to incorporate this exquisitely POWERFUL method of attraction into their daily life, so that they can experience the Joy Wonder, Love, and Abundance that is their God-Given Right as Perfect and Infinite Beings on this planet!

With Much Love and Gratitude,

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