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Maybe they did her measurements wrong, and the EM Field tranfers this Energy at the 'Core' inside,
and even that you cant measure proper, because you will still have a small gap at a gaussmeter, what can really distort the Results.

witsend, i think nassim is redoing the whole calculation, because he see, that the Basis is wrong there.
And i dont think, he is about, to care about the old Physic, its anyway only a small part from his Model.
Leaning on the old Model seems is very hard, because they did twist her Logic into such a wrong Way,
that its like a labyrinth to find out from there.
The Efforts to learn it that way are mostly so high, that it gives less space beside,
to allow to have an other View on it.

And well, to guide me into the Model, not yet, i do read it here part for part, and try to figure it out,
but i still need to let it settle down allways. I would like to do something too with the Heater, but first,
i need again few more Transistors, and dont have good Batteries right now.
And i am thinking about a good Inductor, but anyhow, dont get the 'click' at the Moment.
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