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cosmic golden section

As Rodin has been saying, "everything is a coil".
That is a pretty profound statement.

Hubbard seemed to be tuned into this "golden section" notion
and utilized it in his coil design.

It occurs to me that a coil designed like a
Nautilus shell (or other shell with golden section ratios),
might be interesting.
The "physic intuitive" discussed how the red people,
which had reached a very high level of technology in the
ancient past succeeded with their technologies by
copying nature.
They would build machines that operated in ways
similar to the ways they observed plants, animals and the elements

Tribolumineseense, for example, was discovered
and utilized to make free energy lighting devices
by the Ute Indians.

Triboluminescence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The cosmos is a coil, within a coil, within a coil.

Why not build a gradually increasing radius coil that
spirals around itself, creating a coil within a coil?

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