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T.H. Moray discussion on ionization

I was reading Moray's 2nd edition of
"Radiant Energy, For Beyond the Light Rays
Lies the Secret of the Universe
The Evolution of Energy and Matter",
compiled for the Layman, 1926

In this paper he has some pretty technical discussions
about methods to excite gas (ionize it).
One in particular that caught my eye (no pun intended)

"PhotoElectric ionization by ultraviolet light, X-Ray and other rays
beyond the light rays as coming from the cosmos".

It occurred to me that one could construct a
"Hubbard Coil", and place inside it a UV light so as to
create ionization inside the coil/transformer assembly.
In this way you could create ionization w/o using
radioactive materials, and possibly power the low-wattage
UV light from the transformer itself.
Interesting idea.
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