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coil winding, spacing, etc.

@Vortex - hey buddy, I understand where you're coming from. I put a little thought into the making of the coil before I devoted the time to it. First - I watched all of Marko's videos, twice through. Noted the multiple times he states outright that the coil he had at the time, the one you have included the picture of, was NOT correctly wound. So I thought very hard about what he was saying regarding the paths of the two wires and the space in between... and I believe that my winding style is at least as 'right' as the previous ones. I also believe that the fractal nature of his number patterns means that the scale of the toroid, and the windings, *may* not matter overly much - so long as the lines are parallel and the surface is divided into three sections: wire A, wire B, and Empty.

Finally, while Marko has said that the previous coil was not wound according to his specs, we have never seen a technical description of the *proper* winding method. Ergo, all of this is theoretical until then.

Thank you Vortex for calling attention to the absolutely necessity for the empty space - it IS absolutely where 'the magic happens'. I hope you understand what I am meaning and how I believe my winding style to be accurate according to what we know today.
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