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geminitric, I wish only to explain it as I understand it.

There's two wires: "A" & "B"
3 sets of pins, 12 in each set for a total of 36 pins can be used to lay out the winding of wires "A" and "B".
Each wire is wound separately.
Wire "A" is wound around the 1st set of 12 pins.
Wire "B" is wound around the 2nd set of 12 pins.
Wire "C" does not exist, the 3rd set of 12 pins is Empty space.

Visually, moving across the toroid, one should see:
1/3 wire "A", 1/3 wire "B" and 1/3 empty space.
If you can't seen a 1/3 empty space, it does not follow Rodin design specs.

Wires "A" and "B" are not wound together.

The Rodin coil design requires the EMPTY space of the 3rd set that
creates a space for the flux fields to interact.
IF you can not SEE the empty space or must rationalized where the empty
space is, then there must be TOO many windings using up what should
have been the empty space.
Without "A" & "B" wound separately and without the empty space, it is not a Rodin Coil.
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