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Hi Rosemary,

I've came accross this thread once and saw truants and zipons. I thought "oh no, not another quantum explaination using quarks and more quarks". Now that I have to chance to go through it again, I think I can survive.

See, I like classical. The main reason is it simple. What I mean is strickly Newtorian mechanic. It has a giant model that we can see in everyday life. When they discover electricity, they try to use Newtorian mechanic to visualize "electron flow", kinda speak. I think they did the right thing. It is all for the benefit that we can simplify things using the big model easily accessed. The problem, in my opinion, they failed because Newtorian mechanic is incomplete. If you carry a flaw and build something to it, the flaw stays. The incompleteness was not resolved by Newton and Leibniz ,but solved by Bessler, and I strongly believed later solved by Coriolis. It's a shame that the human heart is not open enough to except Bessler or give the unexpected a chance.

On your theory, I must say it's some new good food for thought. I visualized your zipons as many scientist so call "aether". The explaination might varies, but the general thinking is intatch. It's great to read because I've never read anything shocking more than "aether is a medium proposed that occupy vaccum". You've taken your theory and applied it to battery and circuit in a new way of understanding . That is the most valuable thing a science theory could offer.

Anyway, let me take some times to absorb the things you say.