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following from sucahyo

Can you explain how spark find it's way to the opposite pole to jump?
My proposal is that all sparks and flames are zipons. They are polarised and therefore can adjust their position through space. Perhaps, therefore, they are moving towards the pole that best satisfies, balances, that polarity?

If material is burned, the zipon become slowed down and static? Do zipon reponsible for transporting heat and light (since I think heat and light will also transfered in vacuum)?
Good question. My proposal is that the zipon gets hot, slow and manifest outside of the field. The proposal is that photons are a fusion of two zipons. The flame has a limited range of influence through space. The photon no such limitation as it is moved by the field through the field.

Can you explain using your magnetic model why stainless steel become less ferromagnetic after evenly heated up? what is the cause of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic?
Had to look up ferro and para magnetic. If heat is introduced to a system then - in terms of the model, simply more zipos have been introduced to the system. They're plastic by which I mean that they can rearrange their fields through space. The eventual cooling is when the fields 'decay' back to the fast, cold balanced state of the fields orbiting the atoms in any amalgams. Additions or subtractions of these fields will vary the structure of the amalgams.

About heating up metal, do the caused of friction in metal is electron? Would magnetic oscillation create heat, or it is electric oscillation, or just amp?
I believe that electrons are visible in some applications. I believe that valence electrons may have a limited response to the fields that move around the atoms. But I do not think that electrons comprise any part of current flow. But this is contentious and I may very well be entirely wrong. It's just that my model would forbid the interaction of extraneous electrons with the zipons in the movement of current flow.

There is similar image of the atom which posted 100 years ago, occult chemistry.
That design in occult chemistry is fascinating. But it has very little to do with my own concepts. But having said that - nor does it mean that my model is correct. Just different.

Looked at the links and found them very interesting. But no real bearing on my model. But please, I cannot say it often enough. I will not insist that my model is right. Only that it satisfies my own logic. And there are many out there who question that I have any logic at all. Possibly with good reason.

Hope that helps and sorry I took so long to answer. And many thanks for the interest. It's always a pleasure to try and explain this. To me the model is just so simple. I find it difficult to understand why it's not so clear. But I think the reason is largely because it's so unconventional.

Thanks again. Always ready to try and answer questions. Love the exercise so, in fact, you've done me a favour.