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batteries vs caps

As far as caps, etc... anyone is free to try what they want but a new thread should be started for that.

It is also known that the battery is crucial in showing high gains with this circuit. Batteries simply should be used for any replication attempt with Rosemary's circuit with the goal of over 1.0 COP.

It cannot be gotten away from... the fact that batteries have properties in their chemistry that allow gains to be realized in a way that caps cannot. It is not the same thing.

I Have already done a self running circuit that runs on caps attached to a single ground rod that delivers zero current.
YouTube - Self Running Bedini Oscillator

So I have experience with oscillating switches and transferring potential from one to the next with a positive gain instead of a loss. when meeting a balance with the impedances between the caps and coil, the charge stays right where it is at. I give a little bit of charge to one cap and then it just keeps going.

The same is possible with batteries.

From experience, I will say batteries must be used for the gains for this circuit. If anyone wants to do it with caps, I've already done some tests with caps on this circuit. Use batteries, that is the only way to replicate this circuit.
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