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Hi Harvey,

On all these Fuji mosfets and other similar ones in the series. I cannot find one single reference to repetitive-avalanche. There is however, very clear specs only on non-repetitive avalanche.

So it appears there can be avalanche in a mosfet without it being repetitive and being "avalanche proof" seems to indicate that these mosfets can only handle non-repetitive avalanches. Therefore, it seems to me that avalanche and oscillation do not go hand in hand because otherwise, what is the point of a non-repetitive avalanche? And from the datasheets I see, if it is repetitive it will be listed as well as the non-repetitive specs.

Perhaps someone can ask TK to demo his mosfet and show on the scope that particular mosfet oscillating at over 100kHz - overlaid on the timing duty cycle and frequency.

If TK's recommended mosfet can show oscillation or that there can be some datasheet found somewhere that indicates repetitive avalanche in addition to non-repetitive avalanche, I'll change the notation on my schematic, will change my post about not using TK's mosfet and I'll edit my post at
Aaron Murakami

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