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Guys - I've just watched yet another sad attempt at TK trying to apply power analysis to my circuit - two efforts on youtube, both using a LeCroy. He's using a machine which, by his own acknowledgement has the dc off set on the blink. Any analysis after this point is entirely erroneous. Please disregard any numbers at all that he references in either of the two videos. The wattage analysis function that he's employed relates to the product of the entire waveform. It is not able to determine the returning energy that is evident in voltage across the shunt and across the battery.

Also. There is clear evidence of aliasing - and he does not have enough samples to draw an analysis. He does not have a periodic waveform and is trying to draw conclusions from a ridiculously small sample range. If there were any validity in his claim he should be able to point to the dump with the numbers that determine the voltage across the shunt. He can't do this because DC coupling on the LeCroy is broken! For goodness sake.

Quite apart from which I suggest he brush up on his mental arthimetic. It's sadder than this new attempt at debunking. What qualifications does this man have? I'm an amateur and can see through this nonsense? Why .99 are you not poynting this out? And Hoppy? And MileHigh? Why do I need to do this? Where is the impartiality of our mainstream scientists?

EDIT Again, Ramset seems to have left the building. Could someone belonging to that forum please be good enough to post this across?

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