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Altair, I've just read through your contributions on this thread. Indeed, we'd be sorry to lose your support.

I would like to point out, in defense of Aaron - that you claim your own work constraints prevented your more active participation. Just think then what it is like when Aaron puts in his 16 hours a day and more, gratuitously. On top of that those efforts are presented without thought of anything other the advancement of the hopes in OU which have countered extraordinary resistance from every reputable quarter of application and study. He's up against mainstream and mostly alone. Then put yourself in his shoes and test your own tolerance levels. I'm afraid my sympathy goes to Aaron. I've been on this thread for two months - and I'm permanently exhausted. It challenges the intellect at a very profound level to counter the attacks. And - by close reckoning Aaron's been in the front of this battle for seven long years.

And the truth is - one could prepare a raft of detailed examples as to why it was necessary to rebuff certain allegations. But we all know the need. It has not been a reasonable investigation. It's been an attempted slaughter. It's been exhausting. And while it may have cost you some time. Think of what it has cost Aaron in sheer applied hard work to keep up with the requirements to rebuff attack. On top of which he still needs to marshall the required protocol to allow others to replicate the test without those sharp instruments. The last thing he now needs is further doubt on the subject.

Indeed if you had the heart we'd be glad if you could perhaps prepare some schedule where experimenters could simply measure advantage from battery draw down rates. And I would appeal to you to look at it from Aaron's point of view. He's been fighting his corner. And it has not been easy.

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