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Cloxxki - I don't think we are here to bolster your hopes - but it would be nice if we did. The point is that the actual replicated test is waiting some measuring instruments - one of them due shortly and - we hope a second on loan.

We are not in a position to publish results until this is to hand. And then, when we do give the numbers the hope is that they'll be argued with the security of calibrated instruments that can sustain the required critical scrutiny.

I think the truth is that Aaron is tired of the 'rebuffs'. We all are. We've had the systematic 'debunk' from TK's thread where I see/saw you on a daily basis - and had the dubious satisfaction of reading your own contributions to the scathing remarks about our poor efforts. To this day TK has not delivered a single comparative watt measurement - not a single value other than a perpetual discussion on the waveforms and God know what else. Notwithstanding which his bad science has been entirely acceptable by all. Our's, not yet put to the table, is consistently derided by members. And on this forum those members who do argue - have never called TK's debunk to account for the patent lack of impartiality that it should have elicited.

So yes. You may well be tired. Think what it's like at this end. Personally I'm aware of a readership out there that far exceeds the members of this forum. In a way the object is to keep their interest alive rather than yours. It's always the silent majority who eventually carry the day.

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