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I was told by a fellow FE fan that this forum was the more serious one, especially compared to
It saddens me to see that gospels rules science here. That vague "research" is demanded to be replicated including results, before the original experiment is repeated at any increased level of credibility, per the view of critics. You should be looking for nothing but ways to please the critics! They want to believe just as well, but decide to do so after reasonable proof has been offered, and won't accept gospel.
Very valuable time and energy of more skilled researchers has been wasted, while in the process they've been discredited for their methods and sharp eye for incomplete evidence they themselves would not try to get away with, just to get some good results published.

How hard is it to just repeat the original experiment, while incorperating superior measuring methods? If you are so sure, this could only confirm your case. These critics are not here to sabotage your FE device, they are here to get proof they themselves will accept, and base their furher life of research on.

Scientifically I am now bored with this thread, as I have become convinced that no over unity is here in any form. And if somehow there is, probably a totally different form that the believers will be aware of. I'm now just skimming these pages to feel a bit smarter myself when I need this (I did not enjoy the luxury of any education apart from the crude lessons of life), a bit like watching that silly reality show you know is mainly staged, and not going to bring anything new, but is entertaining in a voyeuristic kind of way.

This makes me sad. Inadequate research, where any critics are bullied off, and confusing result is allowed to bait-waste capable scientics' time, is the kind of stuff big oil and governments would pay me much better money for than my day job. If the very elite of the believers, on the most serious of FE forums are doing this for free, I'll likely be looking at paying a lot of high energy bills over the rest of my life, unless I get a permit to build a windmill on my roof.

I came to this forum to try and be a small part in the process that will one day produce over unity, to eventually feed the hungry and heal the sick. This post would also need to serve that purpose, albeit surely unappreciated by the believers whom are very much "believe with us, or go away". An outspoken atheist would expect no other treatment in a church. Some would say "you are welcome as child of the same maker, as long as you respect us for the way we choose to live". It's a mutual thing.

I have mostly a human factor to offer to the FE community , and can sometimes have an innovative idea. If one doesn't work, I move on. The Ainslie circuit believers on here better also make sure to devote significant time on totally unrelated research rather than allowing this magical, and after years yet unproven circuit to absorb all of their invaluable brain power.
Let's make FE something we can give to our children, rather what making our greatgrandchildren wonder why let it all to them to figure out . My country was fed and built by windmill power, and I've yet to see something better. I'll donate the largest amount I can afford to developing this kind of circuitry once gullable uneducated me gets convinced there really is something to this. I feel to see any progress between the thousands of lines of distorting distraction.