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I haven't seen any new episodes of The Secret Millionaire lately. I wonder if it's because once they revealed how the show works by airing it, it was too hard to find people who would be fooled by the people posing as poor folks.

But there is another show I've gotten into recently that is similar. It is fictional, but it is inspired by a real man. It is called The Philanthropist.

It looks like there will be a new episode on tonight.

The main character is extremely hands on, he does not just sit back and write checks. So there's some good action and also you get a good education about many conditions and political situations around the world.

Here's more about the show:

The Philanthropist - NBC Site

And some pics of when the producers and cast got invited to the White House:

The Philanthropist - Photos -

Here is more about the guy who the show takes inspiration from:

A tough-minded businessman who made a fortune by following his passion, Sager has spent the last decade of his life traveling around the globe giving away his money and using his entrepreneurial and street smarts to make whatever difference he can -- in some of the worst areas on the planet. His is a life of extremes. On any given day you might find Bobby living in a tent in Karachi, sharing a toilet with 40 monks in the Himalayas, working alongside President Kagame in Rwanda, or discussing science education with the Dalai Lama in India.

The Philanthropist - NBC Site
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